I Disengage From Rage

by pgbh

Lots of people are wrong on the internet. They’re wrong so frequently – so prolificly – and about so many things! It’s an easy temptation to plumb this well of potential outrage to the bottom, and in fact many, many communities are based largely on seeking out stupidity and bigotry to mock.

I’ll admit it – I’ve dabbled in such communities myself! But the more I do so, the more I realize how ultimately futile they are. While mocking others may make you feel good, there are few or no other benefits it offers. It doesn’t teach you anything new, or offer you new insights into existing info. And it doesn’t build any skills, except that of clever, condescending dismissal.

Accordingly, I’ve had enough of it. There are far too many intelligent, articulate authors writing on important topics for me to waste time on stuff which produces nothing but anger.

I still won’t shy away from reading things which I disagree with. But I’ll try not to read just for the shock value – instead I’ll ask myself: “What am I getting from this? Could this possibly change my view, or at least expose new and intriguing ideas?” And if it’s empty schlock, well – I’ll disengage.